The idea of openbadge

Where is openbadge from?

Openbadge is inspired by Foursquare is some what popular and now you can get the real-name of an address(latitude and longtitude) by using Foursquare API. One thing that makes foursquare interesting is badge&mayor. I always find people feel happy to get a badge or become the mayor of a place. Weeks ago, WSJ partnered foursquare by offering three new badges to its users, which was a very cool news to me.

What is openbadge?

Openbadge means everything can be awarded a badge. Online games can give their users badge based on their performance or class; Keep fit site can give those who keep running for a month a badge; If you have answered more than 30 questions on App Engine, Aardvark may give you a badge named App Engine guru; etc.

Mayor of a blog?

I once told my idea to Byron. If every time you visit a page, it's a check-in. Then, every page may have a mayor. Also, if you visit a blog most often, you may become the mayor of this blog(not the author). It's interesting and helpful when you have question about something on the page. You can ask the mayor of this page or ask someone has a badge on this topic.


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